Mobile forms for any job and industry


Home services of all kinds can use SENDit to process transactions or to make sure that the job is well done. Electricians, plumbers, maids, and more can all use SENDit to make their job a bit easier.


No matter the job, contractors can use SENDit’s capabilities to access all of their forms on their mobile phone and to upload them wherever they need to go.


Healthcare requires enormous amounts of data flow and for lots of forms to be filled out, so SENDit is a great tool that makes doing that much easier. SENDit’s forms are up to the challenge whenever they are needed.

Building Inspectors

Building inspectors can use SENDit to look at checklists at fill out forms without needing a clipboard for anything. Just pull out your mobile phone, input data, and send it away in the blink of an eye.


Grades, homework, assignments and more can all be sent using SENDit’s forms. Don’t worry about filling out or sending hundreds of paper forms when a swipe of your finger can do the exact same thing.